Elite Fuji High PressureSterilizer the Professional choice

Product made and assembled in Japan

Medical Device approve by Health Science Authority Singapore

high durability that lasts. Our most Compact and lightweight easy to carry and can be installed anywhere 

Semi to full automatic microprocessor loaded machine

Certifications are JIS 13BZ2354 and ISO 13485, 9001 and 14001

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) would like to remind owners of Lifting Equipment and Pressure Vessel to ensure that such equipment are safe for use prior to the resumption of work. This is to prevent any risk of accident involving the use of such equipment, especially when the Lifting Equipment and Pressure Vessels had been left in an idle state and not in use over the past 2 months during the circuit breaker period. Owners of Lifting Equipment and Pressure Vessels are reminded to take all necessary measures and precautions, including the carrying out of proper risk assessments and the conduct of necessary checks and examination to ensure that these equipment are able to start-up and continue to operate safely, prior to resumption of work.


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Tel: 63421617

Email: sgmedicalsp@gmail.com

Strictly by appointment only

We do Research and Development on Professional Sterilizer equipment - Beauty equipment and machine - Aesthetic clinic - Hygiene Solution manufacturing under pharmaceutical and dermatological control

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Approved Autoclave is use for all Aesthetic / Dental / Surgical / GP Clinic and Studio in Singapore Inclusive 1st inspection certificate, all taxes, 12 months warranty and local delivery. Subsequent testing require for every 2 years in Singapore. Export use please contact us


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